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Our Services

Our Services

You want to know how we can help you, take a look at our various services that have been crafted just to suit our clients. We are 100% experts in the following fields. 


At Frontline Africa Advisory we strive to provide our clients with timely policy insights and advice. Through painstaking network building, and regulatory impact analysis, we are able to gather insights from all corners of the policy spectrum, including government, political parties, and the non-governmental sector.

We use our experience to translate gleaned facts into concrete decision-making insights. Our focus on international, regional, national, provincial and local decision making spheres gives us the ability to structure interventions whose applicability transcends immediate challenges.

We are skilled in building campaign and lobby strategies through building engagement platforms and partnerships with like minded parties. Our partnership and institutional approach ensures we are able to track stakeholder perceptions on an ongoing basis giving us the ability to adapt strategies to evolving conditions.

Frontline Africa Advisory’s capability in policy development and government affairs ensures clients are given the elements needed to improve the quality of their interactions with the public policy-making process at all levels of government in South Africa and other African countries.


Political and policy risks are constantly evolving. New threats and opportunities for companies are always emerging. Companies and markets are under unprecedented political scrutiny. Political risk is a feature of doing business in the developing world just as it is in the emerging and developed markets.

Managing political risk is no longer a nice to have. Rather, it is the lifeblood of any strategy aimed at embedding value and assuring sustainable business outcomes. Political decisions move markets in profound ways and only those companies infused with political risk management will survive tough competitive economic environments.

Frontline Africa Advisory provides up to date analysis of political conditions across the African continent. We rely on local resources to gather and analyse our information thus giving us the confidence to help our clients craft winning strategies for political risk management.


In achieving mutually beneficial policy objectives, FAA considers the community aspect of policy Formulation, Implementation and Consultation and assist in bridging the gap between the private sector, government and communities on common issues. As FAA, we work collaboratively with communities to address issues that affect their well-being and sustainability. We assist companies to engage communities and community-based solutions and leave a positive legacy. Companies that proactively engage the community often find efficiencies in pushing forward with new projects because they have secured the social license to operate.


Government relations sits at the heart of any public affairs strategy. Our solid understanding of the policy making process has enabled us to map and build relations with technocrats, who are at the coalface of policy making. We assist companies in building relations beyond politicians, who in most occasions do not have guarantee of staying in one portfolio for the duration of a government term. Our government relations strategy focuses on departmental officials, who are responsible for the day to day policy engagements and development.


Frontline Africa Advisory believes in broad based democratic policy making. We effectively use various (relevant) platforms to create awareness and reach of key political stakeholders that are critical to achieving client’s objectives i.e policy formulation players.

The media and social media are a critical lever for the dissemination of key messaging and creating policy resonance. We make use of our broad media contacts and social media presence to assist clients with creating awareness to the broader South African public about their broad policy positions.

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