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Frontline Africa Advisory (FAA) is currently running a writing competition that is targeting South African young graduates.  They may have graduated from any university, as long as they are South African nationals and/ or legal residents they will be eligible to enter the competition.

About the Competition

The aim of the competition is to involve the youth in conversations about political and economic developments in South Africa, Africa and beyond. This is founded on our belief that the youth should not only read about, but should be enmeshed, in developments in the national and global economic and body politic.

A topic will be allocated for contestants on which to write an article. The number of words, date and time of submission will be shared with the contestants via our social media pages.

Who can enter? South African unemployed graduates who are not older than 25 years of age on the day of entry can enter the competition.

Why graduates? This is part of FAA’s contribution to efforts aimed at assisting graduates transition from university to the world of work.


Step 1
Visit register your details to enter the competition.
Step 2
Familiarize yourself with the competition requirements to ensure that you meet all the requirements.
Step 3
See the allocated topic, including the word count, submission date and time.
Step 4
Double check your work. Before you submit, you should make sure it is a fit-for-purpose' piece of work. The competition judges adjudicators will not permit you to make changes once you have submitted your work.

HOW TO track the competition


Follow Frontline Africa Advisory’s LinkedIn page to stay abreast on all updates regarding the competition.


Like and share the most well written article. Visit to see the contestants and read their submissions.


Join the hashtag and participate in the conversation through uploads, sharing and retweets.

About the competition


All interested and eligible contestants will have until the 09th of November 2020 to submit their qualifying articles, thereafter no entries will be accepted from new entrants. From all the received entries, FAA adjudicators will evaluate and determine which articles make it to the next round. Each week, until the 30th of December 2020, adjudicators will score out articles, until the ultimate competition winner is announced.

Terms & conditions

By entering this competition, entrants accept these terms and conditions together with any specific instructions and terms for this competition which may be will be communicated in any electronic messages, or on the website (“competition information”).


The prize

Winner – A three (3) months internship at Frontline Africa Advisory with a monthly stipend.

First runner up – R2 500.00 in cash 

Second runner up – R1000. 00 in cash 


According to the IEC, only 21% of voters registered for the 2019 national elections were under 30. In the same election, 6 million of young people eligible to vote did not register and more stayed away on voting day. What factors may have contributed to a low youth voter turnout? What can be done to ensure increased turnout in next year’s local government elections and the 2024 national vote?
Due:19 November 2020
850 max


First topic
It is generally accepted that South Africa’s post Covid-19 economic recovery is largely dependent on the social compact among government, business, labour and civil society. However, historically the conversations among these social partners, especially between government and big business, has often been described as the conversation among the “deaf”. What should be the key attributes of such a compact for it to yield the desired outcomes?
Due date: 09 Novemebr 2020
Contestant 2
Description 2

Zizipho M


Anathi N

Lihle M


Mike S

Chantelle P


Tom M

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