Frontline Africa Advisory


At Frontline Africa Advisory we strive to provide our clients with timely policy insights and advice. Through painstaking network building, and regulatory impact analysis, we are able to gather insights from all corners of the policy spectrum, including government, political parties, and the non-governmental sector.

We use our experience to translate gleaned facts into concrete decision-making insights. Our focus on international, regional, national, provincial and local decision making spheres gives us the ability to structure interventions whose applicability transcends immediate challenges.

We are skilled in building campaign and lobby strategies through building engagement platforms and partnerships with like minded parties. Our partnership and institutional approach ensures we are able to track stakeholder perceptions on an ongoing basis giving us the ability to adapt strategies to evolving conditions.

Frontline Africa Advisory’s capability in policy development and government affairs ensures clients are given the elements needed to improve the quality of their interactions with the public policy-making process at all levels of government in South Africa and other African countries.

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