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Political and Economic Highlights From The Month Of September 2020

published on 07 October 2020

Political and Economic Highlights From The Month Of August 2020

Published 02 September 2020

Political and Economic Highlights From The Month Of July 2020

Published 03 August 2020

September Political Report Preview

The 20th of September marked the country’s entry into Level 1 of the COVID-19 Risk Adjusted Strategy. The easing of regulations signals increased business activity, hoped to provide a much-needed boost for South Africa’s ailing economy. Although these changes have been set in motion, the road towards the country’s recovery remains long and difficult. This month’s political report zooms into the latest changes in lockdown regulations, analysing the attached risks and implications.

With the Electoral Commission having confirmed that local government elections are set to proceed next year, the race is now on as local political parties will attempt to earn the confidence of voters over the next few months. This month’s report looks into this race and some of the key issues attached to the ‘Top 3’ political parties in the country. The report also analyses the dire state of the country’s local government along with some of the key challenges hindering their stability.

Economically, the country continues to feel the consequences of the pandemic as shown in the GDP and Unemployment figures during the second quarter of the year. We reflect on the key contributors to the latest figures and long journey ahead where economic recovery is concerned. We also look into the central bank’s decision to keep the repo rate unchanged.

Like the last month’s edition, this report also reflects on South Africa’s leadership of the African Union. It reflects on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s message to the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the on-going political and economic challenges facing Zimbabwe and the continuing security situation in the Sahel.

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