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Political & Economic Highlights From The Month Of July 2020

published on 03 August 2020

Political & Economic Highlights From The Month Of June 2020

Published 01 July 2020

Political & Economic Highlights From The Month Of May 2020

Published 02 June 2020

In the July Political Report, we cover:

As South Africa enters the belly of its Coronavirus (COVID-19) storm, government still faces the growing challenge of protecting lives and livelihoods. And while the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) has decided to keep the country at advanced lockdown alert level 3, this has come with a few changes to lockdown regulations – some of which have been unpopular amongst the citizenry, owing in part to a lack of consultation of relevant stakeholders and due to what appears to be irrational decision making on the part of government. President Cyril Ramaphosa is increasingly finding himself in a politically precarious position as allegations of tender irregularities involving Covid-19 funds surface. This month’s political report will zoom into these changes along with implications for government.

Besides the domestic economic challenges due to government decision making, South Africa is also experiencing and is prone to pressure from external factors that will make a post-pandemic economic recovery an uphill task. The country should be braced for a prolonged period of low economic growth and increasing unemployment rates.

The state and future of various State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) has been a recurring theme over the past years. This month, the report will analyse the latest developments relating to South African Airways (SAA) and its future.

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