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Weekly Political and Economic Review 19 February 2021

Weekly Political and Economic Review 19 February 2021

In last week’s political and economic headlines we covered:

  • Policy/Legislative Updates 
    • National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) Amendment Bill
    • Public Investment Corporation Amendment Bill signed into Law
    •  The Department of Employment and Labour’s new minimum wage proposal
    • The National Implementation Framework Towards the Professionalisation of the Public Service
    • National Road Traffic Amendment Act
    • The Democratic Alliance’s End Cadre Deployment Bill
  • COVID-19 Updates
    • 20 Land Borders Fully Opened, 30 Remain Closed 
    • South Africa’s Vaccination Underway
  • State-Owned Entities
    • Appropriations Committee Calls for Sustained Revenue Growth at the South African Broadcasting Corporation and Eskom
    • Eskom to Hike Prices by 16%
  • Nigeria’s Dr Ngozi Okonjo-lweala Appointed Director-General of the WTO 

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